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Solved by verified expert :Out of the attached text let me know what the claim is and how it was proven. How would you have approached this topic if instead you would have to use a middle ground argument, instead of a rogerian or toulmin argument.? Would you have adjusted the claim? if yes, what adjustment would you need? would you need to get different sources about the topic to prove the claim? is the middle ground solution more practical for the issue presented?

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Gonzalez 1
Visnu Gonzalez
Professor C. Zeller
English 102
August 17, 2015
Plastic Surgery
In this new era of digital technology, plastic surgery has taken the world by a storm.
There has been a burning debate regarding the benefits and the risks towards an individual
undergoing plastic surgery that not only did it use the medical view of it but also the spiritual
point of view. On the other side, plastic surgery when conduct wrongly can have an adverse
effect on the individual hence tampering with their self-esteem.
Also, patients may have high expectations while they undertake the practice, if their
expectations are not meet, they are affected emotionally.
Practice surgery is also risky hence
putting the individual lives at risk. The open cuts may take long to heal, and if hygiene is not
observed, the patients may suffer from other infections.
Biblically plastic surgery is termed as an
abomination as people try to collect what God had created in His image.
Plastic surgery has
both its negative and positive effects on human life although the positive impact outweighs the
adverse effect (Murphy, Glenn S.,& Sorin J. Brull 8).
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Gonzalez 2
The practice of plastic surgery has a negative impact on the patient social, economic and
spiritual life if it is not planned well.
It is factual that plastic surgery has an adverse impact on the patients if the results are not
as expected. This may lead to rebuttals from close family members and also interfering with his
or her self-esteem, which is the social aspect of it effects. Plastic surgery is known as a long and
tedious procedure that requires extra caution, hence consuming much time. The patient also
suffers from depression. Despite having been given the pain relieving medication, the threads,
and the stitches take time to heal and are painful to the patient as he or she cannot stretch the
body part, nor move it ( Guyuron, Bahman et al 1).
The scientist also states that in anytime you tamper with your body structures and
balance, one risk creating new problem areas. Plastic surgery also has an adverse effect on the
children if their parents are the one undergoing the procedure.
Children who observe a close
member of the family experiencing the activity may have a skewed vision regarding the bodies
that they may never escape.
When it comes to women, men who have a romantic relationship
with a woman who have undergone plastic surgery may have misunderstand the woman motives
as a way of attracting other men or being dissatisfying (Bruce 5).
Also, there have been some cases where after the plastic surgery has been conducted
successfully, after sometimes the parts may tend to overgrow leading to cancer. This problem is
mainly observed when one undergoes breast of buttocks surgery. On a biblical note, individual
Show entire document The claim of the paper is that plastic surgery should be conducted on medical grounds
and not on the grounds to increase physical attractiveness. This claim is put to theory in the
initial parts of… Here’s the explanation you needed for… View the full answer

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Expert Answer :Gonzalez 1 Visnu Gonzalez Professor C. Zeller English 102 August 17, 2015 Plastic Surgery In this new era of digital technology, plastic surgery has…
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