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Solved by verified expert :1.) Give response for each one:
A.Little Red Riding Hood fits so well with a variety of genres and audiences across time because the lesson of the story remains important for all children, don’t talk to strangers. It serves as a platform to teach children an important life lesson and sets an example to other children’s literature, to do the same. The story is able to reach children of all ages, and a great variance of cultures because no matter what gender, culture, race, or age, it’s important to be aware of ones surroundings and not talk to strangers. It’s also important to remain focused on the duty at hand and not get sidetracked too much. Little Red Riding Hood had specific instructions from her mother stating she was not to talk to strangers, and she disobeyed them. It’s important for children to listen to their parents, and that’s another reason I feel the story is able to fit so well across time.
B. Adding works from one folk tale to another but keeping some of its original context is another way to grasp the attention of the reader. We see this attribute in written works, movies and songs in our beginning literary works which have transformed our current publications and the distribution of broadcasting of the well-known tale, TheLittle Red Riding Hood. In the different poses of this tale, I lean more towards my generational written tales by Roald Dahl, authoringFantastic Mr. Fox, True Story of the Three Little Pigs and James and the Giant Peach. This technique is woven into surprise and “exaggerated through fantasy.” (359)
The imaginative expectation of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood by audiences is due to different artistic approaches “to appropriate folk motifs, imbue them with a different ideological content, and stylize the elements in ways that made them more acceptable…. [to] audiences.” (340) Perrault was originally thought to be the commencer of the tale Little Red Riding Hood, however, “folklorists had discovered versions with tragicomic and tragic endings, but “The True History of Little Golden-hood” belongs more to a comic tradition.” (348) Hence, providing the technique of palimpsest as being a utilized technique to the symbolism of “regeneration” and “didactic message?never talk to strangers.”(348)
Borrowed oral or written text to this tale has provided many generations’ great excitement, dismay, and tragedy. The different and creative minds of all writers lead me to believe the works are written to entertain the generation during massive changes in political times and feministic changes. I enjoy reading the variations of this tale, even though a have my favorite.
C.I think that people have changed the story to fit during their time period and depending on where in the world they are telling it. For example, the French told the story a specific way because they wanted to represent young peasant girls coming of age. “The pins and needles mention in this version quoted above were related to the apprenticeship in needlework undergone by young peasant girls…” (340). Charles Perrault told Little Red Riding Hood to represent pure young women and how men can take that away very quickly if she doesn’t follow instruction. I suppose it could be taught to young girls and make sure they follow the rules. “…debate about the cruel fate of a little girl who foolishly talks to a wolf and strays from a path, and whether she deserves such a horrid punishment.” (342). People in different areas and time periods can alter this tale to fit their desired message to children. This can tell children to stay on the intended path and make sure to listen to their parents. It can also tell them to not talk to strangers because bad things can happen. The story can be altered but the base of it will always be with Little Red Riding Hood going to her grandmother’s and a wolf follows her. This may scare children into listening and making sure they are good.
2.) Just as literature which uses words exclusively does, the art in picture books uses specific elements to achieve meaning. Consider Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day and Theodor Seuss Geisel’s Green Eggs and Ham. How do the point of view and layout used in the pages work together to establish tone, mood, and narrative voice? For example, in the text Keats uses third person narration while Dr. Seuss uses rhymed dialogue between characters. How do the pictures suggest a kind of narrative comment on the characters? Do the pictures set a intimate or more formal tone? Does the mood seem excited or calm based on the pictures? Explain your answers with details from the pictures as evidence. IN The Norton Anthology of Children’s Literature TEXTBOOK “Chapbooks” (Norton Anthology 33-6), Tom Thumb (37-46), The History of Goody Two-Shoes (50-7),”Picture Books” (1051-9), ALL WORKS in this section (1060-C32) Don’t worry?it’s mostly pictures!
3.) What has changed for you so far in terms of your understanding of children’s literature and the concept of childhood? How do you think this information will help you with the midterm essay? What tips or tricks can you offer the class for writing an effective essay?
NOTES:In-Text Documentation, Be at least 100 words long, Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, Document all sources by creating works cited entries at the end of your post. 1. A. Little Red Riding Hood has got a timeless theme that never grows old and is universal. Due to this universal theme the story is
for children across all age groups or you are never too old to… Kindly find… View the full answer

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