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Solved by verified expert :Where do you see examples of Aristotle’s Triad (ethos, pathos, logos) in the “real world”? Can you give examples of these appeals in certain fields or interest groups? Is there one you think is used more than others? If so, which one and why? Can you think of a time when you yourself have used one of these appeals to support your position and/or request?
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English 104, Summer 2015
Professor Becky Rudd
Lesson 1: Aristotle?s Triad
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Three keys for understanding argument
These three terms help us understand how the arguer
makes ?rhetorical appeals? to the audience.
Show entire document The prime example that can be seen is by Steve Jobs during the Apple Product Launch. He uses the 3 concepts beautifully: 1…. View the full answer

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Expert Answer :English 104, Summer 2015 Professor Becky Rudd Lesson 1: 1 Ethos: Establishing the reliability, believability, and authority of the arguer…
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