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Solved by verified expert :I have to answer the attached 7 questions about another classmates writing. The assignment and my classmates paper is attached.
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Employee Performance Reviews are Imperative
– Wed Mar 29 22:32
Tamara Nelson
I will argue that conducting effective periodic performance evaluations is a crucial practice
that businesses must participate in for the benefit of their employees and their business’s success.
I will argue that the benefits of completing performance evaluations outweigh the potential legal
ramifications and that they are worth the extensive time and effort taken by mangers to complete
them. I am studying business with an emphasis in Human Resources, so this topic is very
relevant to my major because performance evaluations are a hot topic in the HR world. The
topic of performance evaluations has recently been discussed among the members of my own
management team at the credit union where I work. Our corporate attorney and members of the
senior management team are focused on the legal consequences of improperly written and
inaccurate reviews, but I want them to understand the true purpose of completing reviews and the
benefit to the employee and ultimately, to our credit union. I will actually be making a decision
about whether or not to continue with the practice of conducting annual performance evaluations
in the near future, so this will be a great opportunity for me to do some formal research and be
able to present the information not only to my professor, but also to my boss.
The first point I will focus on the fact that employees value performance evaluations. As an
employer considers whether or not to conduct periodic performance evaluations, they must not
only consider the potential liability for the company, but also the morale of the employees,
especially those high-achievers who seem to value performance reviews the most. My second
point will be one that managers may not like. I will show that an employer is wise to require
managers to complete formal evaluations of their employees because if they don?t, the manager
may not actually ever formally provide feedback for their employees. The third point I will
make is that periodic reviews serve as important written documentation of an employee?s history
of performance. This point will be faced with the most opposition because any written
documentation given to an employee can be used as evidence should an employee sue an
employer at a later day. I will need to emphasize the need for proper management training to try
to prevent future legal ramifications from poorly written evaluations.
My audience for this essay will be my classmates and professor of English 123. The main
challenge I will have will be discussing this topic with others who may not have much work
experience, and therefore, not much experience giving or receiving performance evaluations. I
will need to be descriptive in my writing to ensure understanding of the benefits to an employer
and employee of conducting performance evaluations. Many employees have not had positive
experiences with performance reviews, and inevitably, some in my class may sympathize with
that point of view. It will be necessary for me to provide supporting evidence showing that the
benefits outweigh the negatives for both employees and employers. Most of my class will be
thinking from their personal perspectives of being an employee, so I will need to keep that in
mind as I attempt to persuade them to my way of thinking.
My goal will be to convince my class and professor (and ultimately my management team) that
annual, or at least periodic performance evaluations are beneficial and that the benefits outweigh
the risks. To be successful, this essay will need to be very convincing. I will need to find valid
research showing that employees are more satisfied with an employer who conducts regular
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evaluations. I will also need to be able to prove that there are proper ways in which evaluations
should be written in order to prevent legal liability in the case of a disgruntled employee. The
most important aspect of my essay will be proving that evaluations are more beneficial to
employees and employers than they are a liability.
I have found three great sources to use in this essay. My first source, “As companies revamp
performance reviews, some changes are falling flat” by Jena McGregor, The Washington Post,
June 7, 2016, will be an excellent source for describing and opposing viewpoint and why I
disagree with that viewpoint. This source discusses the reasons some large companies have made
the decision to revamp or simply do away with performance evaluations and provides evidence
showing that the companies have not always seen positive outcomes by eliminating evaluations
and that employees have shown dissatisfaction with the changes. My second source, “Planning
for Performance Reviews” by Diane Domeyer, will provide expert input about how to properly
prepare for and conduct performance evaluations. This source will help establish credibly for the
importance of providing well prepared evaluations that will benefit both the employee and
employer. My third source, “Budgets, Performance Reviews Make Workplaces Ripe for
Hostility” by Dana Wilkie, SHRM, January 10, 2017, will allow me to discuss the potential
negative outcomes that may come when performance evaluations are not properly prepared or
presented. These three sources will help me establish a thorough review of the goal and benefits
of performance evaluations and why it is more beneficial for a company to perform evaluations
rather than to eliminate the practice.
The first point I will make will be that employees value performance evaluations. All three of
my sources support this key point. I will be able to provide evidence and examples of how
evaluations positively affect good employees and how eliminating evaluations can negatively
impact an employer because of the loss of satisfaction high performing employees may feel. The
next key point I will make is that it is important to require managers to conduct periodic reviews
because it forces them to take the time to reflect on an employee’s performance and give them
formal feedback. My sources support this point by giving examples of the benefits of honest
employer feedback. My sources also point out the likelihood that managers won’t give the
honest feedback without the requirement to complete a formal evaluation. The third point I will
make is that periodic reviews serve as regular written documentation of an employee?s history of
performance, which is important when considering disciplinary action. Because my sources
support proper training for managers, I will be able to show that that well written documentation
can be beneficial to the employee and employer. It will be very important to focus on the ways
in which managers can be trained in order for this point to be convincing.
It will be imperative for me to provide expert opinion that performance evaluations are
beneficial to employees. Because good employees benefit from reviews, this may be my most
valid argument. I will point out how good employees are essential to a successful business, and
therefore, how evaluations are necessary to attract and keep those good employees. I will also
use evidence that shows employers who conduct evaluations have benefitted from the practice. I
feel giving examples of specific companies who have seen positive results will greatly support
my argument. I will also be able to use the example of companies who have decided to do away
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