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Solved by verified expert :Embry-Riddle Enterprises, Inc., is searching for a contractor to conduct a Business Communication training program for its group leaders and first-line supervisors. The firm is soliciting bids from prospective organizations with expertise in this area. Here is the company?s Request for Proposal:

Embry-Riddle Enterprises, Inc., is accepting bids/proposals for a Business Communication training program designed for group leaders and first-line supervisors in salaried positions. The training is intended as a five-day, 40-hour program to serve a total of 600 persons with 25 students per class. Embry-Riddle Enterprises, Inc., is a state-of-the-art firm with a progressive work culture, and we envision that this program will embody the latest communication principles, practices and technologies.

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Expert Answer :Embry-Riddle Enterprises, Inc., is searching for a contractor to conduct a Business Communication training program for its group leaders and…
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The training will prepare attending personnel to function as effective business communicators, developing competencies in the following:
-Understanding the fundamentals of business communication as related to written/oral/nonverbal media, listening, teaming in global and intercultural applications.
-Planning, writing, and completing business messages and other communications: letters, memos, e-mails, instant messages, business reports, proposals.
-Applying strategies to communication situations, especially those critical and sensitive, to achieve expected results.
-Collaborating in a team setting on projects in roles as a member or leader.
-Communicating to culturally-diverse audiences.
-Delivering oral presentations using visual aids.
Knowing what you do about this course, write a 500-750 word proposal that details the training program your company would propose. In developing the training program, read the Final Exam Rubric which highlights what your proposal should reflect. It is important that your proposal demonstrate a depth of understanding about the contents of the ENGL 222 course and present specific references to communication principles, practices and other areas covered. Ideally, rather than paraphrasing the course objectives or passages in the textbook, strive to have your proposal embody innovation and originality by introducing ideas, solutions and benefits not specified in the request but which would contribute further value. So in detailing contents of the training as you envision it, take the option to include other content or features that would add further depth and quality to the program. Regarding the price to be quoted, assume that the amount your firm is requesting is sufficiently reasonable for Embry-Riddle Enterprises, Inc., to award you the contract and, therefore, should not be considered an issue. Business Proposal for EmbryRiddle Enterprise, Inc
by Brighton Research FILE BUSINESS_PROPOSAL.DOCX (21.79K) T IME SUBMIT T ED 09-NOV-2015 10:51PM WORD COUNT 605 SUBMISSION ID 598069577 CHARACT ER… Running head: BUSINESS PROPOSAL FOR EMBRY-RIDDLE ENTERPRISE, INC Business Proposal for Embry-Riddle Enterprise, Inc Name… View the full answer

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