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Solved by verified expert :please read the analysis template and then the story and then write the analysis
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Daniel Rios
Gina Srmabekian
Group B
Angel Alhambra
Finn closed the lab door behind him, locked it, and sighed. Done, finally. All the data was
collected, all the animals had clean cages, food and water, and he could finally go home for the
weekend, without giving Professor Wilcox anything to complain about. Not that he needed an
excuse. He actually wasn?t that bad of a professor, he just had trouble with the concept that grad
students might need, or even want, a little free time to keep from going hysterical.
Finn headed towards the stairs at the end of the hall. Too late to catch up with anyone he
knew. He couldn?t really afford to go out this late in the month, anyway. He?d be eating mostly
ramen noodles and make shift hot dogs this month. He pushed open the exterior door and stepped
Rain started pouring out of the darkened sky, and gusts of wind were pushing it in different
directions. He took out his battered umbrella and shook it open. No point in waiting for a bus by
now, even if the shade structure didn?t leak?it would be quicker to walk. Twenty minutes uphill in
the rain.
At least these walks kept him in shape. He sighed again, and started up the sidewalk,
as little droplets of water ran down it.
?Hey! Hey you, do you want a ride??
He turned and saw a car had pulled over to the curb beside him, with the window down. A nice
car, black and sporty, I wanna say it was? a Porsche?And it was a woman?s voice.
Not a hard decision. He scurried over, opened the sleek door and got in.
“Thanks. I?m just over the top of the big hill, in that mass of apartments on the other side of the
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“Sure thing,? she said. Her voice was soft and smoky.
He glanced at her as she pulled back into traffic with smooth sounds from the engine. She had a
darling face, azure eyes, and dark hair pulled back in a
French braid. She wore a white cardigan
over a black crop top, skinny jeans, and some white pumps. With a subtle glance, you could tell that
she lived a comfortable life
“Say, are you hungry?” she asked.
His stomach growled. “Um, a little.?
“How would you like to participate in a little experiment? You shouldn?t find it too unpleasant,
and you?ll get a nice meal out of it.? She glanced at him, smiling slightly, and raised an eyebrow.
? This was not a car a student would have, nor any professor he?d ever heard of.
“What kind of experiment?? he asked cautiously.
“That would be telling.? She smiled wider and met his eyes. His heart thumped before she looked
back at the road.
What the hell. It sure beat ramen and vids. And the company would be exceptional. “Sure. Uh,
my name is Finn, by the way.?
“Nice to meet you Finn. My name is Eris.?
The Thai restaurant was crowded and noisy, but had fast service and excellent food. Eris seemed
very knowledgeable about scientific research in general, and genuinely curious about his thesis
project. Maybe that was the experiment, to see if he could detect feigned interest before her eyes
glazed over, much like any of the girls that he talked too.
??then we test the reaction to the secondary stimulus again without the first conditions, after a
darkened period, while we kept the dosage the same. That part that?s frustrating is keeping the
variations in the animal?s experiences minimal, while keeping track of any outlying effects. This one
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Short Story Analysis. The story Succubus is a story about a guy… The answer to this question… View the full answer

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Expert Answer :Daniel Rios Gina Srmabekian Group B Angel Alhambra Succubus Finn closed the lab door behind him, locked it, and sighed. Done, finally. All the data…
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