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Some people believe being happy and having a strong spiritual connection is what’s most important in life, while others believe money and one’s financial status is the key factor in determining how successful they are. However, what most people don’t think about is how huge of a part failure and making mistakes has in achieving success. Many people view failure as a digression, a sign that they should give up and stop trying because they fear the possibility of failing again. However, it is important to recognize that making mistakes is a form of progress because we can learn from our failures along the way.
There are so many types of success, it’s very likely we are successful in our own way. For example, my uncle started working for a construction company around six years ago. He worked hard through those years and was able to move up the corporate ladder. He now owns the company and is reasonably wealthy as a result. He made many mistakes along the way, including hiring employees that drove the company to near-bankruptcy. However, he learned from his previous mistakes and now runs one of the most profitable construction companies in Montreal. In his case, success means doing what he loves, reaching the top of the corporate ladder and being able to take care of his family through it all. He achieved financial and career success through hard work and perseverance, all the while making mistakes, learning from them, and improving himself and his business.
Another example is my friend, Thomas, who is very passionate about fitness, physical training, and weight lighting. He stays in very good shape and follows a strict daily diet. He has arguably achieved physical success. While he is not wealthy and has not reached financial success yet, he is successful in his own way by staying healthy and accomplishing his fitness goals. However, like my uncle, his road to success was not an easy one. Just last year, he sustained a serious knee injury and had to temporarily stop training. He was devastated, but because he learned from his mistake, which was bad form, he now trains in a smarter way and has been injury-free ever since.
As you may have noticed, both my uncle and Thomas’ story have something in common; failure and making mistakes were a big part of their journey to success. They could not improve without failure and subsequently, could not succeed without improving. Every time they failed, they not only learned but also used that information to better themselves, essentially making failure one of the most fundamental building blocks of their success. In fact, one of the best ways of measuring progress is the number of “failures” or mistakes you’ve made trying to achieve your end goal. If you haven’t failed yet, you’re likely not trying very hard. Failure shows you the ways you cannot succeed, which essentially shows you the ways you can succeed since it eliminates incorrect paths, filtering down to the correct one(s). Achieving success involves learning to recognize why you failed, and how you’re going to fix it the next time around.
In conclusion, achieving success is a difficult and demanding task for most people. It takes willpower, determination, and perseverance. But more than anything, it requires failure. Regardless of one’s interpretation of success, it’s evident one cannot succeed without failing. Every time we fail at something, we are one step closer to achieving our desired success. If utilized correctly, failure is a feared and fruitful opportunity that has the potential to lead us to great things. Let me explain the… View the full answer

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Expert Answer :Can you make this sound professional please and do some editing. Some people believe being happy and having a strong spiritual connection is what’s
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