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Solved by verified expert :Can someone help me revise this personal essay, please? (grammar, word choice, transition,….) Education Education is the most imperative factor in national advancement as has been seen in many countries on the planet. Training is the procedure by which an individual obtains the numerous social and physical capacities requested by the general public. There are a lot of sorts of training which are exceptionally essential in the improvement of a person which will empower him/her change the encompassing in which he/she works. In most created and creating countries, instruction has been given first need since it is the impetus which impacts how individuals think and act. In the immature countries, the level of instruction is altogether low, and this has extraordinarily restrained their improvement. Improvements in any country require both formal and casual trainings. Advancement of any country is dictated by the pioneers who is responsible for dealing with the financial, political and social part of the nation. Instruction gives individuals the fundamental learning which helps the suitable pioneers for the diverse tasks in the country. I personally experienced studying in an immature country, where students have to pay everything. They require students to pay fees for sanitation, traffic guards, pens, notebooks, and even to have the building repainted… And the tuition fee increases as going to higher grade. I remembered, my parents always struggled before each years to have money for me and my siblings going to school even though my family was in middle class. Therefore, I could see how it mattered to those who were poor. The government does not have financial aids or subsidies to help them. Also, it was very hard to find a scholarship in my hometown. As a result, many children drop out of school even if they study well in class. Luckily, many philanthropists now know the problems, they have done many donations to support poor students. By that, poor students could have full-education. It shows the governmental issues of any country is exceptionally key since it decides the guidelines and direction which manage individuals on how, what and which things are to be finished. Instructed pioneers have great advancement motivation, and figure strategies which give a decent situation to all improvement ventures. In my country, those philanthropists were honorable pioneers. Second, the important thing of instruction is giving relationship building abilities and information that encourages them in taking care of issues which influence them. Attending 3 years in U.S. high school after being a student in Vietnam, I realized Vietnamese studied a lot while American researched a lot. There are benefits and harms in both countries. In Vietnam, I had many knowledges in theories but my experience is none. In the other hand, Vietnamese students learning themselves with books the most. It is rarely for Vietnamese to study in a group or go to a field trip. It make sense to me and most Vietnamese being shy and nervous whenever making a relationship. In United States, I gained more experiences. Experiencing teaches me being brave to make friends and start doing a new thing. It also teaches me lessons that can stick in my head without memorizing. So, I prefer United States’ way. I could conclude experiencing enhances poor countries educational quality if they challenged their economy to fieldtrips in education systems because advancement should includes the experiences, to change the perspective of the considerable individuals; and instruction enables individuals to gain learning which help them in use their abilities for the most extreme advantage of the considerable individuals. Instruction empowers individuals to be socially capable in all that they do. Improvement of country involves the utilization of numerous assets and communicating with individuals of differing socioeconomics. In Vietnam, because of formal culture, students and teachers are two uncomfortable generations. That’s how the way of teaching and learning makes Vietnam’s education unable to go further. I had a memory that I was in trouble when I just asked question which was supposed too obscene even the main idea of that question was included in that lesson. In the United States, teachers encourage students ask questions and discuss in class to make sure students understand lectures. Some students may have intelligent questions, so teachers can learn from students also. Moreover, students can come into a teacher’s office in office hours to ask for help. Teaching methods in the United States give students incentive to think diversitively. This empowers responsibility and straightforwardness in every one of the ventures which are embraced for the advancement of the countries. In the immature countries, there are abnormal relationships and this has prompted moderate advancement since the vast majority of the students’ ideas are not accounted for. Education is important and instruction is imperative in the advancement of any country and ought to be given sufficiently to all individuals. The nature of instruction is the basic perspective which decides the effect of training to the country. With the goal for training to be valuable in country advancement, models and nature of instruction must be high; there ought to be monstrous interest in the training part to guarantee everybody approaches training. The best way to approach your question… View the full answer

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Expert Answer :Can someone help me revise this personal essay, please?
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